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Brace for Boccone, a 'Bistrorante' in Montreal's Little Italy

Catchy name.

Former Brama now Boccone
Former Brama now Boccone

The owners of a new Montreal restaurant will try to succeed on a corner of Little Italy that has previously been cursed (figuratively of course). Time will tell, then, whether Boccone, a self-described 'Bistrorante', will make it on Saint-Laurent and Saint-Zotique, in the short-lived, bygone Brama. Not much is known about the newcomer at this time—the business is registered to four different partners, and under the alternative name Restaurant Trattoria All'angolo. 'Boccone' is Italian for morsel. So, tapas, small plates to share, maybe? At any rate, look for Bistrorante Boccone to open sometime this month.