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Sushi Jinjin Replaces Landmark Boulangerie Clarke in Mile End Montreal

So long sandwiches, hello maki rolls.

Outside the new Sushi Jinjin, with bonus Miss Me Art
Outside the new Sushi Jinjin, with bonus Miss Me Art
Ian Harrison

Prolific Montreal property owners Danny Lavy and Stephen Shiller have made good on a pledge to revamp a span of Saint-Viateur, west of Saint-Laurent. The businessmen own a bunch of buildings in the area; buildings that house the likes of Bishop & Bagg pub, its sister store Newland & Jump, and the former, soon-to-be-made-over Gracias Corazón restaurant across the street. Now Jinjin, a sushi restaurant from principal Deokjin Park, is open in the bygone and beloved Boulangerie Clarke, in a building owned by Lavy's and Shiller's company. The new sashimi and nigiri pusher has a couple of large tables, and a counter, but evinces more of a takeout vibe. (Incidentally, another new Mile End sushi restaurant, the non-Lavy-and-Shiller-affiliated Ubi Sushi, a block west, has yet to open.) Word on the street is that Lavy also has big plans for the Faubourg complex downtown—stay tuned for news of a possible food court shakeup there.

Status: Sushi Jinjin, 29 Saint-Viateur Ouest. Open weekdays for lunch and dinner, Saturday for dinner only.