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Bird Bar Wants to Give Montreal a New Kind of Fried Chicken Restaurant

New restaurant prepares to roost in Griffintown.


Bird Bar, a new Griffintown restaurant from Kimberly Lallouz (Miss Prêt-à-Manger, Monsieur), will soon aim to give Montreal a new take on fried chicken. "We did many tests with fryers, and breadcrumbs to provide the healthiest product possible, a new style fried chicken!," the chef and restaurateur recently told La Presse. As a result, expect gluten-free, and mock-chicken/vegetarian versions of the Southern classic. Lallouz tells Eater however, that despite all of this, the restaurant will definitely be a fried chicken joint first.

"Bird Bar will offer 13 sides, 13 sauces, and a whole lot of delicious craveable fried chicken! I've been testing recipes, batters, fryers, and oils in order to offer the best product. There are green companies and products to keep your oil cleaner and cook at even temperatures so your food, and body absorbs less of it. We're also looking at green initiatives for oil waste. We also came up with a few gluten/dairy-free recipes, and we will use very local free range chicken." After research trips to the Big Apple, Lallouz hopes to welcome Bird Bar's first customers this spring. The restaurant is located at 1800 Notre-Dame Ouest, corner Saint-Martin, in the former ERA Vintage Wear store.

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Monsieur Restaurant + Bar

1102 rue de Bleury, Montreal, QC H2Z 2N4 (514) 861-0000