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Awful Haters Vandalize Campanelli (Again) Just in Time for the Holidays

This old story.


Campanelli, the Saint-Henri café and apparel shop from Tony Campanelli, has been defaced yet again. The owner, who also operates Adamo pizzeria close by, took to Instagram today to share the bad news: "Every year at around this time, the shop gets vandalized. This year, the local artists expressed themselves by filling an extinguisher with paint, breaking the window and decorating all our walls and gear on the inside. Thank you for this early Xmas gift. May you all have a happy season."

A year ago, after a similar incident, Campanelli told Eater that vandalism had become all-too-common for area merchants. "At least three times a year," the entrepreneur said at the time. "I now set aside a minimum of $3,000 a year for vandalism. Windows, theft, paint, acid, etc. Not worth claiming."


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