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Little Italy Braces for New Beer Bar Birra

Another “bar à bières maison” for Montreal.

Birra Bar à Bières Maison

A dozen new beer bars have opened in Montreal over the last two years alone. These mavens of craft suds are underlining Quebec products, enhancing traditional bar food, and, in some sacrilegious cases, eschewing the broadcast of Montreal Canadiens games.

Now a trio of beer geeks connected to Rosemont brewpub La Succursale is about to branch out in Little Italy. Birra Bar à Bières Maison is located, not inconsequentially, at 7129 Saint-Laurent, corner Jean-Talon, between stalwart competitors like Brasserie Harricana, Le Pourvoyeur, and Vices & Versa. The newcomer will serve beers made exclusively in Rosemont by La Succursale at the Mabrasserie co-op—with 17 total on tap from across the province. Principals Jean-Phillippe Lalonde, Weena Cliche, and Derek Wuelfrath plan on serving a pub-style food menu, natch. Look for Birra Bar à Bières Maison to open by mid-December.

h/t Chowhound