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Momentum Builds in Projet Montréal's Anti-Quartier DIX30 Clone Campaign

Borough mayor really doesn't want to go mall shopping in TMR.

Luc Ferrandez v. Quinze40
Luc Ferrandez v. Quinze40
Projet Montréal

Here's more ammo from Luc Ferrandez and his Projet Montréal crew, fired against Town of Mount Royal's endorsement of the Quinze40 center, a.k.a. the Quartier DIX30 clone headed for 280,000 square metres of land where Autoroute 15 meets Highway 40. In light of the planned development, Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie mayor François W. Croteau raises the point:

"It would be inconsistent to invest in the redevelopment of commercial arteries on one side and accept the arrival of a mega center in the heart of Montreal on the other."

Projet Montréal also wonders if the area really needs another mall colossus, what with Rockland Centre and Marché Centrale so close by. Remember Ferrandez and friends may resort to going door-to-door to rally nearby residents in support of an anti-mall referendum. So TMR residents have that to look forward to.