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Lapin Pressé Dances with Left Shark; Help Lili Co. Buy a Charcoal Grill

Also, the mayor of Montreal's Plateau plans to put an end to the string of vacant spaces taking over boulevard Saint-Laurent.


PLATEAU — Lapin Pressé is shouting its love for Left Shark from the rooftops, or at least from a sidewalk sandwich board. Cult MTL posted an image of the café's A-frame sign boasting a portrait of the now-famous Katy Perry Super Bowl halftime cohort with some choice words: "Good and bad ideas for February. Bad: attempting a pass when you're less than a yard from a touchdown. Good: dancing and drinking coffee with sharks." [@cultmtl]

MILE END — Lili Co. may be currently closed as it prepares to move to its new address of 4675 Saint-Laurent in Mile End, but that hasn't stopped the micro-restaurant from entering ADP's Small Business Grant Contest. Fans of the eatery can help Lili Co. win by voting here. If it takes top prize, the restaurant will purchase a new charcoal wood grill. [EaterWire]

PLATEAU — La Presse reports of a plan to revive the slew of abandoned, graffiti- and vandalism-ridden commercial spaces that currently line boulevard Saint-Laurent by imposing regulations that will encourage landlords to rent out these vacant storefronts in a timely manner. The hope is to turn these vacant spaces into new businesses—and soon. [La Presse]