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Pinoy Juggernaut Junior Nabs Another Solid Review

This restaurant is on a roll.

Inside Junior
Inside Junior
Randall Brodeur

A week after Marie-Claude Lortie gave Junior its first professional review in La Presse, Sarah Musgrave has endorsed the Filipino restaurant in Griffintown as well. The Gazette critic awards Junior 'Good bet' status after a Super Bowl Sunday visit: "In a dry coating of lemon grass and ginger, [Junior's chicken wings] made for an ideal snack food as three generations of my family sat watching Katy Perry ride a mechanical tiger through a stadium — neither my father and my six-year-old had seen anything like it before, and I think the images are burned on their retinas. The wings paired well with the smart selection of wines and beers."

The kitchen's take on spare ribs is "superb" and, while heavy, Pinoy classics like adobo pork star. Verdict: "Junior itself is very easy to like and a fun entry point to discovering what will be new culinary territory for a lot of people."


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