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Le Pois Penché No Longer a Disappointment, Insists Thierry Daraize

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Critic recommends the Downtown Montreal brasserie.

Now worth a detour
Now worth a detour
Le Pois Penché

After a negative review years ago, Thierry Daraize gives Le Pois Penché a second chance this week. The de Maisonneuve spot makes good on the offer and wins a coveted reversal of opinion from Le Journal de Montréal. With a new chef and new direction the restaurant is "now noteworthy," writes Daraize. From the "four-star" filet de veau to the "spectacular" wine list, Le Pois Penché is on solid ground. The service in particular—"courteous, friendly, impeccable!"—has undergone a marked improvement.

The overall verdict: "A beautiful and pleasant surprise! Consistency is the key in the restaurant world and if it lasts, this is a more than recommendable address."

Le Pois Penché

1230 boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest, Montréal, PQ H3G 1M2 (514) 667-5050 Visit Website

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