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Opening Report: Chez Milo & Fine Crowdfunds Breton Street Food

Galette-saucisse, specifically.

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Inside the new Chez Milo & Fine
Inside the new Chez Milo & Fine
Chez Milo & Fine

Cédric Nkueno-Mouazan wants to introduce Montreal to a snack long popular in Haute-Bretagne, France. Born in Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nkueno-Mouazan grew up close to Rennes but moved to Montreal with his partner Murielle Pitout in 2011: "In 2014 I began to study the café market in Montreal in order to open my own," the graphic artist tells Ouest-France.

Enter Chez Milo & Fine, now open in the old La Cardeline biscuiterie. Named for the late grandparents of a friend, the tidy café serves various coffee drinks and Breizh specialties—most notably that holy union of crêpe and sausage known as galette-saucisse. The café, a partial result of a successful crowdfund campaign, makes it all "in-house, with local products." Bonus: Nkueno-Mouazan's mother has promised to make the trip to Montreal before the summer to lend a hand. (No word yet on how the café's partners feel about the galettes at Breizh Café on Saint-Laurent.) Status: Certified open. 1123 Beaubien Est (corner Christophe-Colomb).