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Heartless No-Shows Made Some Montreal Restaurants Sad on Valentine's Day

This old story.

Hostaria had a few
Hostaria had a few
Randall Brodeur


With no-shows still a hot button topic in Montreal, we put this question to restaurant owners, chefs and managers: How many no-shows did you have on February 14?

Here are the most notable responses.

· Pastaga: 15% of the restaurant—which represents about 20 seats (by 7 p.m. on Saturday, the restaurant had 12 no-shows)
· Hostaria: Eight no-shows, 12 last-minute cancellations
· Les 400 Coups: Five tables of two
· Tavern on the Square: 14 last minute cancellations, four no-shows
· Thursday's: "A couple of last minute cancellations and a couple of no-shows, for about 20 people."
· Impasto: Four no-shows
· Gema Pizzeria: Six no-shows
· Thazard: 20 no-shows
· Cho: 18 no-shows
· Notkins: Six no-shows, all had confirmed
· La Salle à Manger: 36 cancellations and six no-shows
· Jun i: 12 last minute cancellations and four no-shows ("but a few walk-ins at least!")
· Joverse: "A bunch of [last-minute] cancellations."
· Manitoba: The Mile-Ex restaurant had zero no-shows for Valentine's but did have "a no-pay on a 350 dollar" tab—a problem management hopes to rectify this week with a customer who only had an American Express card. Sadly, the restaurant endured 60 no-shows in one week a couple of weeks ago.

Just a reminder that restaurants in the province of Quebec cannot charge credit cards in the event of no-shows.


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