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Adrià Bros, Cirque du Soleil Boss Partner on Blockbuster Ibiza Restaurant Project

A 'creative collision of food, music and art.'

Guy Laliberté opens a restaurant – in Spain
Guy Laliberté opens a restaurant – in Spain
Jorge Cubells Biela /

"We are helping create a restaurant that is not a restaurant," Ferran Adrià told The New York Times in January.

Now, finally, the "we"—Adrià, brother Albert Adrià and Cirque du Soleil founder and mastermind Guy Laliberté—have offered some intel about the blockbuster Ibiza collabo, entitled Heart: "The principals behind elBulli and Cirque du Soleil's Guy Laliberté will open three restaurant concepts in the Ibiza Gran Hotel in May: Baraka, a 'hippy chic interpretation of street food markets'; The Workshop; with 'customized culinary offerings, combined with live art performances and projections'; and La Boîte, with 'live music, live art and exquisite service and gourmet food and drink.'" Get more info here.