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Inspectors Hit Montreal Restaurants With Hefty Fines in January

A big haul for the month.

Inside Sushi St-Denis
Inside Sushi St-Denis
Sushi St-Denis

Restaurants across Montreal took hits to the pocketbook to the tune of $63,850 in the month of January. The monthly tally from the city's Inspection des aliments includes the usual sanitation and food storage violations. Here are some of the most notable culprits.

· Restaurant Pho 2000, 223 Ste-Catherine Est: $3,200 in fines for two incidents in March 2014 and November 2013
· Boulangerie Seraphin, 5008 Saint-Laurent: $2,500 fine for an incident in February 2014
· Restaurant Queen Mary, 5504 Queen-Mary: $6,600 in fines related to three incidents in 2014—the restaurant is now closed
· Sushi St-Denis, 1669 Saint-Denis: $3,250 in fines for two incidents in June 2014—the restaurant has spawned a boycott group on Facebook

All told, 28 establishments were fined for the month. Annually, the bureau collects close to $350,000 fines as a result of some 235 legal proceedings.

Sushi St-Denis

1669, rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2X 3K4 (514) 282-9898