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Did Danny St-Pierre Just Apologize to SoupeSoup Boss Caroline Dumas?

Now credits her with pouding-chômeur recipe, sort of.

Danny St-Pierre
Danny St-Pierre
Recettes de chefs

Tensions flared on the Radio-Canada program Médium large, with Catherine Perrin, this week when the founder of SoupeSoup, Caroline Dumas, accused star chef Danny St-Pierre of recipe plagiarism, live, on the air. Dumas has held a grudge over the alleged theft for some time. Her twist on the traditional Québécois dessert pouding-chômeur first made an appearance on À la di Stasio in 2006. St-Pierre's Sherbrooke restaurant, Auguste, published what looks like a replica of the recipe on July 25, 2008.

"Danny, you copy-pasted the recipe directly from the di Stasio website," scolded Dumas. "It's word for word, Danny. Word for word."

St-Pierre was not prepared for the ambush on live radio. His restaurant's website has now amended the controversial recipe with this message: "Warning: pouding-chômeur is a heritage recipe. This modern adaptation is in line with one initiated by Caroline Dumas of SoupeSoup!" When reached today for comment, the chef, who will open his first Montreal restaurant (La Petite Maison) this fall, wrote: "I corrected my honest mistake, I didn't know. Stop the madness! The least I could do is give credit."

You can watch St-Pierre make the suddenly infamous dessert here.

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