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Normand Laprise's Cocagne, Home of the Original Toqué!, Closes After 11 Years

First tax troubles, now this.

Cocagne is no more
Cocagne is no more

A month after it was reported that Normand Laprise was the target of Revenu Québec over alleged hidden alcohol sales at Cocagne, the bistro has closed. The restaurant, the original home of Toqué!, open for 11 years on Saint-Denis in the Plateau, was co-owned by Laprise, Christine Lamarche and chef Alexandre Loiseau. Loiseau recently posted this message (translated) on Cocagne's website:

Dear friends and customers of Bistro Cocagne,

Eleven years after the opening of Bistro Cocagne, in March 2004, I have had to turn off the stoves of my little restaurant at 3842 Saint-Denis.

Not having had the chance to bid you farewell in person before closing the door, permit me to assure you, with these words, that I loved treating you.

I hope to offer you again one day the dishes that you appreciated at my table. My kitchen team, Arnaud, Hugo and Clevelan, as well as our front of house staff that you may know better, Sandra, Matthew, Angel and Gabrielle, join me in thanking you.

Alexandre Loiseau

Normand Laprise and Alexandre Loiseau were not available for further comment today.

Bistro Cocagne

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