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Damas Will Rise From the Ashes on Van Horne in Outremont

The restaurant turns the corner after alleged arson.

Damas makes a move
Damas makes a move

Brace for some good news for a change. Damas, the standout Syrian restaurant that was devastated by a suspicious fire less than three weeks ago, will reopen in the old Influences restaurant at 1201 and 1205 Van Horne, corner Bloomfield. Damas chef–principal Fuad Alnirabie has plans "to do charcoal and fresh bread" in the new digs. "Plus there's parking."

Alnirabie reports that "we're working as fast as possible to reopen within two months or so. The sign permit for Outremont apparently takes two months. In addition to the transfer of the alcohol permit and the terrace permit, which is not the biggest priority now. We lost everything so I guess a couple of weeks extra won't hurt. Trying to be positive."