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Montreal Bar's Makeover Includes Unprecedented Smartphone Ban

Le Félix will politely confiscate your device at the door.

No photos, no tweets
No photos, no tweets

The revamp of the old Centre Fusion Culturel (CFC) and Zoobizarre in Plaza St-Hubert will likely have a muted footprint on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Le Félix, open since December, is the first bar in Montreal to effectively ban mobile devices: "We have a nice big old wooden cabinet to accommodate the phones, with two beautiful hostesses to guard them and simultaneously charm you," says owner Félix Fournier. Each device is carefully placed in a fabric pocket and stored away. The email of every customer is also recorded at the entrance, reports Le Journal de Montréal.

The process seems tedious but the operator of the bar and live music venue is confident in his stance: "Initially, there was a little reluctance but people go with it and generally love the experience. They let themselves go and have fun!" Fournier seems not to grasp the concept of social media, however, when he declares, "We rely solely on word of mouth."

Though less stringent, Verdun restaurant Tripes & Caviar has a de facto policy on mobile devices as well.

CFC (Centre Fusion Culturel)

6388 rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal, QC (514) 497-4284