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Blackstrap BBQ's Tejano BBQ Burrito Gives the People What They Want

A 'Good bet' in the Gazette.

Burritos burst at the seams
Burritos burst at the seams

Sarah Musgrave drops in on Dylan Kier and Clara Barron's new restaurant in Saint-Henri this week for her latest review. The couple behind Verdun's wildly successful Blackstrap BBQ partnered with Rustique Pie's Ryan Bloom to give the Sud Ouest a proper burrito counter back in December. Mission done at Tejano BBQ Burrito, writes the Gazette critic (behind the paywall): "I’m more of a taco person than a burrito person, and I’m not sure I needed that extra lick of smoke in the fillings here. That said, when it comes to giving the people what they want, you can’t argue with the power of the burrito: It’s a perfect package, a one-pounder plus of hand-held food that you can snarf back while standing up. With quality ingredients and a snappy concept, this place has found a sweet spot between slop house and smart business; it’s possible to imagine more of these counters popping up when this place itself starts bursting at the seams."

Tejano BBQ Burrito

511 Rue De Courcelle, Montreal, QC H4C 3C1 (514) 303-2500

Blackstrap BBQ

4436 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G 1W5 (514) 507-6772 Visit Website