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South Shore Real Estate Titan Resolves to Clone Quartier DIX30 in Montreal

For better or worse, this could be a game changer.

TMR braces
TMR braces

The developer behind the colossal Quartier DIX30 complex in the South Shore confirmed yesterday that it has designs on a similar project in restaurant-bereft Town of Mount Royal. As first reported by the CBC, the prospective entertainment and retail behemoth is slated for 280,000 square metres of land where Autoroute 15 meets Highway 40.

Here's the official word from Carbonleo, the Brossard company responsible for the original Quartier DIX30 mega mall:

Carbonleo confirms its interest in the development of an innovative multi-use urban project, located in the southwest quadrant of the interchange of the Decarie, more precisely in the sector of Chemin Royden and Avenue Royalmount in Town of Mount Royal. The project would include entertainment venues, hotels, offices, and commercial spaces.

The envisioned project is part of an overall review process initiated by Town of Mount Royal on a section of its industrial sector and a change of its use. The main features of this real estate development project will be showcased in the spring as part of the public consultations required by municipal procedures.

This project is currently under development. Its exact location, size, and other details are still under the preliminary phase of planning. No details or comments will be given by Carbonleo before the necessary initial steps have been completed.

Brossard's Quartier DIX30 is the second-largest commercial and retail centre in Canada, after West Edmonton Mall. In a blockbuster transaction last October, Carbonleo sold a 50% stake to Oxford Properties Group Inc. for close to $500 million. Over 50 restaurants reside within DIX30's borders — local chains for the most part, such as Allô Mon Coco, Eggstyle, Houston, Jack Saloon, Juliette et Chocolat, Les 3 Brasseurs, and Zibo!. If a similar plan transpires in TMR, it will be a considerable metamorphosis for the on-island suburb that was named a National Historic Site of Canada in 2008. Brace.

Quartier Dix30

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