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Cancel Montreal Mega Mall Plan, Says Irate Borough Mayor

Luc Ferrandez hates the idea of a Quartier Dix30 clone in TMR.

Not on his watch
Not on his watch
Projet Montréal

When it comes to a Quartier DIX30-like mega mall for TMR, the mayor of Plateau-Mont-Royal is firmly in the 'hell no' camp. Luc Ferrandez denounced the proposed development in a press conference today: "Montreal simply cannot afford to add square footage, either in restaurants, hotels or in the retail industry. The disposable income of Montrealers is down, employment is on the decline, the amount of vacant commercial real estate is huge and the need for consolidation of major thoroughfares is huge. This project must be at least postponed. In our minds it should be canceled."

ICYMI, the $1.6 billion plan to erect a colossal multi-purpose commercial district in TMR is from Carbonleo, the South Shore company responsible for Quartier DIX30 in Brossard. Ferrandez told reporters today that his party, Projet Montréal, may knock on doors in TMR to encourage residents to seek a referendum to stop the project.

The Gazette writes today, however, that TMR mayor Philippe Roy is a big booster of the project: "It's excellent news not only for [TMR], but for the whole region," Roy said. "A major investment like this is only good news. For sure, there will be an increase of revenue."

Public consultations will be held on the proposed 20-hectare development southwest of the Décarie and Metropolitan autoroutes this spring.