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Opening Alert: Le Cochon Caché Swaddles Villeray in Porchetta Goodness

Oink oink.

Le Cochon Caché
Le Cochon Caché
Marco Barone

After a short delay, Le Cochon Caché is here to lavish Villeray with dishes of porcine provenance. The sandwich and takeout counter counts Marco Barone as a principal. The chef, of FreshMint fame, was "classically trained in French Cuisine at the ITHQ and was an apprentice at the Boxwood Café by Gordon Ramsay in London. Marco's experience includes Head Chef positions at Hostaria and Vinizza." See the new spot's menu below.

Status: Le Cochon Caché, 7901 Henri-Julien (corner Gounod), certified open.