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Two More Montreal Food Trucks Up for Sale

Street food is a tough racket people.

This is Fous
This is Fous
Fous Truck

Fresh off the regrettable news that the Winneburger truck from Nouveau Palais is on the market comes word that two of the more visible and popular food trucks in the city are up for sale as well. Not popular enough, apparently.

First, the Fous Truck from Fous Desserts, listed on Craigslist here. Prospective buyers are encouraged to make an offer. Additionally, what looks like the Chaud Dogs truck is also listed on Craigslist, for the considerable sum of $57,000: "Food Truck for sale. This truck was incredibly reliable we bought in in Feb 2013 and was on the road a total of 10 months from May 2013-Mid-October 2013 and again from May 2014 - Mid-October 2014 and is in heated storage during the winter time."

The 2015 Montreal food truck season starts on May 1. Mayor Denis Coderre announced a vast expansion of the city's street food territory last month.

Pâtisserie Fous Desserts

809 ave. Laurier Est, Montreal, QC H2J 1G2 (514) 273-9335 Visit Website