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Yet Another Montreal Food Truck Up for Sale

That makes four this season.

Another one
Another one
Gourmand Vagabond

First Winneburger, Fous Desserts and Chaud Dogs. Now comes word that the Gourmand Vagabond food truck is also up for sale. The street food outfit made the announcement on March 2 on Facebook. The sandwich truck from Francis Gaundreau is listed on Kijiji for $28,500.

Winneburger operator and Nouveau Palais chef Gita Seaton spoke on CBC Homerun today about the food truck business in Montreal: "At best the average profit margin of any sort of food company is between like 12 to 15%. So you know it's pretty slim considering. In our case it's a very bittersweet decision."

"It's highly competitive in Montreal. The level of quality and the expectations [are] very, very high. And that's good. Competition is a good thing. Some people succeed and some people don't." Seaton brushed aside a suggestion that there may be a larger problem at play with multiple trucks for sale: "No, I don't think so. Like any food industry business if you come up with a very good game plan and execute correctly, I mean ... it's tough, right? It's tough no matter what. It's tough if you have a brick-and-mortar, it's tough if you have a food truck. It's not that it's not viable. You can still make a living doing it."

Two more crucial tidbits from Seaton's interview. The chef announced she's pregnant and, as such, has less time for both food truck and restaurant. Also, the buyer of the Winneburger truck will not be able to use the truck's name—or coveted burger recipe. Not every food truck up for sale has such stipulations.