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All-Meatball Concept Bolo Bolo Bites the Dust After 5 Months

To the surprise of nobody.

Bolo Bolo is no more
Bolo Bolo is no more

Bolo Bolo, a "restaurant de boulettes vraiment sympathique" and fast-casual concept from Pierre-Marc Tremblay and Convivia Inc., the company behind Pacini and the bygone Le Commensal, is closed. It was all downhill after the launch party, apparently. The restaurant opened inside the Cinéma Excentris complex on the Main just last October. A Convivia Inc. spokesperson confirmed the shutter today. Both Bolo Bolo's Facebook page and website have been taken offline.

Bolo Bolo

3540 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2X 2V1 (514) 303-3013 Visit Website