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Elderly Couple Seeks Damages for Lost Golf Season After Restaurant Spill

$50,000 in all.

Watch your step
Watch your step

A septuagenarian couple has filed suit against Cosmos, a restaurant chain with four locations in the Quebec City area, after the wife fell backwards off a short platform "violently striking her head on the floor." The incident took place last March. The 78-year-old woman was diagnosed with a head injury and mild concussion, reports Le Journal de Québec.

According to the victim, the platform constituted "a trap" and "was grossly negligent." The couple now wants Cosmos to pony up $24,500 for the wife's temporary loss of quality of life and $20,000 for the husband's mental anguish. The husband also wants an additional $4,500 for the partial loss of his golf season, which he claims was spent at his wife's bedside.