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Opening Alert: Griffintown Gets a Nightclub in Mlle Butterfly

More changes on Notre-Dame Ouest.

Inside Mlle Butterfly, in the former Rufus Rockhead
Inside Mlle Butterfly, in the former Rufus Rockhead
Mlle Butterfly

The overhaul of Rufus Rockhead is done. Mlle Butterfly, from a group of partners that includes the original owners of the short-lived Griffintown supper club, soft opened this past weekend. The new nightclub completes the makeover that started with Bar Shinji, the casual complement to the critically-acclaimed Japanese restaurant of the same name next door.

Principal Olivier Berkani spoke about Mlle Butterfly today: "It's very cozy, not austere at all. We fixed it up and gave the old space a lot of love. There's some velvet, some wood. It's a proper nightclub. We'd like to be a hub for the restaurants in the neighbourhood. It's a mature vibe—we're aiming for 25 plus. We open at 10:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and might introduce an off-night on Sundays at some point."

Partners in Mlle Butterfly include Eric LeFrançois (Lorbeer, Laurea, Mangiafoco, La Taverne Normand, Notkins and more), Jeff Stinco (Lorbeer, Laurea, Shinji, Mangiafoco, Mimi la Nuit), David Bourdeau (Le Boating Club, Shinji, Philémon) and Jean-Francois Gagné. Veteran promoter Marie-Eve Blackburn is in as general manager. Look for a formal grand opening announcement in the weeks to come.

Status: Certified open. 1726 Notre-Dame Ouest.