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New Moroccan Tea Room Confirms Namos is No More in Mile End

Say hi to La Cuisine d'Izza.

Namos no more
Namos no more
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When critic Sarah Musgrave gave Namos a 'Good to great bet' in the Gazetteshe noted: "Namos is a redo of an elegant Greek restaurant that occupied the same corner of Mile End for many years. As Vegera, the spot always had poise, with its table linens, valet parking, flower-filled patio and pricey fish-oriented menu, tucked away from the hoi polloi of Parc Ave.’s Greek row."

Time for another redo, apparently. Two years after Musgrave's review, Namos has made way for La Cuisine d'Izza. Despite what the Moroccan tea room's Facebook page says, the new restaurant from Jérémie Assouline (late of Ryu, XO) is not open just yet. Not much else is known about the project so far, other than this décor hint.

Namos Restaurant

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