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Restaurant Delivery Woman Miraculously Saves Customer's Life

Somebody give her a raise.

Horace sur Boulevard
Horace sur Boulevard
Horace sur Boulevard

A sharp restaurant employee saved a loyal customer's life after the woman went more than a week without a call to her favourite diner. Sonia Dionne, a delivery woman at Horace au Boulevard in Drummondville, 105 km outside of Montreal, was concerned when Thérèse Turcotte did not place an order for eight consecutive days. The interval was unusual, reports Le Journal de Montréal. Prior, Dionne delivered food to Turcotte's home on a daily basis. On March 15 the intrepid employee took it upon herself to pay Turcotte a visit. When her knocks were met with silence, Dionne contacted neighbours and, eventually, the police. When the police opened the door, Turcotte was in respiratory failure. The paramedics were immediately contacted and Turcotte was rushed to the emergency room.

"It was a question of minutes before she died," Dionne told a reporter. At Christmas, Dionne had convinced colleagues and Chez Horace's management to offer Turcotte a $50 gift certificate and a carrot cake. "She suffered from loneliness. I took her under my wing." Turcotte is still in hospital but has since stabilized. Dionne's instincts have served others well in the past. Three years ago when her stepfather lost consciousness doctors at the Montreal Heart Institute credited her quick wits with his recovery.

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