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Scarlet Exclusive Makes Critic Blush With Excitement

Old Montreal restaurant is chic, intimate and Thierry Daraize likes it.

This will fill some seats
This will fill some seats
Scarlet Exclusive

Few critics, if any, have bothered with Scarlet Exclusive in Old Montreal. This is where Le Journal de Montréal excels. As is so often the case, Thierry Daraize dines where Montreal's other critics dare not and writes up the plush space on Saint-Paul: "Lieu chic et intime, je vous le recommande, particulièrement pour les beaux soirs d’été en raison de sa terrasse, l’une des plus belles de Montréal."

Daraize likes the ambiance and décor. Scarlet Exclusive is "parfait pour les petits groupes" and "veut créer une sensation d’intimité, et ça marche." His assessment of the kitchen gels over the course of two visits. Not every plate succeeds—cavatelli with rabbit is dry and desserts need a rethink—but the critic saves his biggest compliments for chef Nelson Maceira: "Après deux visites, je constate que le chef donne un soin particulier à ses réalisations, et aussi que les matières premières de ses créations culinaires sont de premier ordre. Bravo!"

Cocktails barely get a glance ("bien faits"), which is a shame, since Scarlet Exclusive also bills itself as a cocktail bar (albeit one where customers have to order food with drinks). Regardless, the restaurant is probably elated to get three stars on five from Daraize prior to terrasse season.

Scarlet Exclusive

139 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Ville-Marie, QC H2Y 1Z3 (514) 507-4558 Visit Website

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