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Quebec Police Ruin Perfectly Good Poutine, Pot and Shroom Business

Restaurant delivery drivers get all entrepreneurial.

Big bust in Beloeil
Big bust in Beloeil
Sûreté du Québec

Mack’s in Beloeil, Quebec used to be known for burgers and poutine. Now the restaurant is much more famous for a gang of plucky delivery drivers who took it upon themselves to start a drug ring. Up until this week, customers within the restaurant's delivery zone could, in theory, call up for hot dogs and jalapeño poppers and score some weed, shrooms and Viagra on the side. Killjoy cops broke up the operation on Wednesday.

The Gazette reports that "the restaurant does legitimately deliver food and the people who were delivering the drugs worked for the restaurant but the restaurant was not involved." Six people were arrested in the sting—four now face drug trafficking charges.