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Watch Emma Cardarelli and Charles-Antoine Crête School Matty Matheson

On the latest Keep It Canada episode from Vice Munchies.

Against better judgment, Nora Gray chef-owner Emma Cardarelli and ex-Toqué! chef Charles-Antoine Crête get into a boat and shoot guns with Toronto chef Matty Matheson on the latest Keep It Canada from Vice Munchies. The gamble pays off on the Quebec-centric episode, however, as the Montreal chefs school the Parts & Labour host on the ways of gun and rod. In the 21-minute episode, Société-Orignal co-frontman Cyril Gonzales also takes Matheson on a Quebec terroir tour of sorts, to Gourmet Sauvage, Ferme la Rose Des Vents and Miels d'Anicet. It all ends, natch, with a ridiculous, over-the-top feast.

Nora Gray

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