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Cocktail Hotshot Wants to Crowdfund Montreal's First Gamer Bar

This is a departure from your average Montreal bar.

Gamers and boozers unite
Gamers and boozers unite
Nexus Smart Bar

A 'dream team' of investors plan to open Nexus Smart Bar, a video game bar with cocktails and microbrews, in the Latin Quarter. The venture's address is 323 Ontario Est, most recently home to the ill-fated Au Bon Jack sandwich shop. This is what we know so far:

· Nexus will launch a campaign on Indiegogo tomorrow to drum up funds.
· The bar's mission: "To promote and bolster a wholesome gaming lifestyle by giving each and every enthusiast the opportunity to manifest his passion for video games."
· A principal of note is Tony Galdes, a cocktail luminary and partner in the BartenderOne school and B1 Cocktail Club, also in the Latin Quarter.
· The bar's website promises "molecular cocktails (...) designed to pay tribute to the games that marked gaming history."
· Local beers will figure prominently.
· Nexus will have a café component. The bar's website asks: "Have you ever tasted a breakfast cone with your latté? There’s nothing better to start the day!"

Some of the particulars are hazy at the moment (what is a 'breakfast cone'?). But, clearly, the intent is to serve food, drinks and 'video game excitement'. No word yet on whether the bar will pay homage to the 'bangs' of South Korea—whatever the case, this gamer bar could be a game changer for the student-laden Latin Quarter.