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Behold the INSANE Lineup of Signature Chef Burgers at Uniburger Next Week

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It's for charity. And it's astonishing.

Fabrizio Covone's Vivace burger
Fabrizio Covone's Vivace burger

Uniburger owner Younes Bengeloune has sent Eater the exclusive lineup of signature burgers a cast of all-star Montreal chefs will concoct at the Latin Quarter restaurant next week. The occasion: Uniburger's second anniversary. Proceeds from the sales of the one-off burgers will benefit charity (the list of non-profits will be made public shortly). Here's the lineup (note, at the Ontario outlet of Uniburger only).

Monday, March 9: Fabrizio Covone (Bottega Pizzeria)
The "Vivace" burger with a mustard and parsley-flavoured beef patty, 'nduja, red onion, fresh spinach and ricotta.

Tuesday, March 10: Stephen Leslie (Tavern on the Square, Monkland Tavern, Le Sieur d'Iberville)
Lamb burger with merguez, feta bell pepper spread, grilled onions, pickles and mint yogurt.

Wednesday, March 11: Danny Smiles (Le Bremner)
The "Filet-o-Smiles."

Thursday, March 12: Emma Cardarelli (Nora Gray)
A meatball burger with a tomato sauce-braised veal and pork patty, Nora Gray pepperoncini, a slice of mozzarella di bufala, arugila and charcoal-grilled marinated onions.

Friday, March 13: Derek Dammann (Maison Publique)
Pork burger with romesco and aioli.

Saturday, March 14: Lionel Piraux (Lio Traiteur/private chef)
A re-mastered Quebec classic. The all-dressed cheeseburger with coleslaw, relish and yellow mustard (all homemade). In a nod to Piraux's Belgians roots, Uniburger will also serve beef tallow frites.

Sunday, March 15: Colin Perry (Dinette Triple Crown)
Double pimento cheeseburger with Dinette Triple Crown’s homemade bread and butter pickles, burger sauce, hot sauce, caramelized onions and fried pig's ears.



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