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Van Horne to Close in Outremont After Four Years

Last service to take place next month.

Inside Van Horne
Inside Van Horne
Randall Brodeur

Sylvie Lachance made waves when she wrote this epic open letter about the state of her critically-acclaimed restaurant and the general restaurant scene in Montreal last May. "We are not dying at Van Horne but it is unfortunate, given all the hard work we do, to be forgotten so often," Lachance confessed at the time. Less than a year later, the restaurateur has decided, with partner Urs Jakob, to close. The announcement was made earlier today on Facebook.

"I feel like we just missed out on the street's rise," a surprisingly upbeat Lachance admitted by phone this afternoon. "When we opened there was all this talk about Outremont and specifically Van Horne. But it didn't happen. Now Damas is about to open here, some young kids are about to take over the old Paris Beurre and there's talk of new developments. I think they'll all benefit—but we missed out."

After longtime standby Paris Beurre's exit at the end of 2014, Lachance hoped for an uptick in business at Van Horne. That, unfortunately, was not the case. And while the feisty businesswoman was quick to point out that lunch service has been strong, "it's not enough." The couple will now focus on the restaurant's sale and a new project, outside of Outremont. "We don't know what it'll be. Maybe a hot dog stand," joked Lachance.

Van Horne's last service will take place on Saturday, April 11.

Van Horne Restaurant

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