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Facebook Responds to La Queue de Cheval's Misogyny

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La Queue de Cheval
La Queue de Cheval
Randall Brodeur

Fresh off this not very cool depiction of women, La Queue de Cheval has come under fire on Facebook for the restaurant's latest brush with misogyny. Here are some of the more irate comments.

"Wow! humans as meat. You guys are genius...and people thought we couldn’t go any lower in objectifying women in 2015. Good job, stay classy!"

"At another restaurant that treats me like a human being."

"Hey ma gang de porcs, ça vous tente pas de faire de la pub autrement qu'en faisant des métaphores de viande et de corps de femme?"

"Time to fire your marketing people... You guys are going to piss off and alienate a lot of people with this stupid campaign! Yikes."

"Je vais vous le dire en anglais pour que vous compreniez bien! Your marketing departement sucks! That in 2015, Come on!!!!"

"Peter [Morentzos, La Queue de Cheval's owner] terrible advertising!!!!! You should know better !!!!"

Update: La Queue de Cheval releases a statement.

La Queue de Cheval

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