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Epic Disaster as Limon Sours in Little Burgundy

Employees cry foul and finger Ricky Dee.

Ugly business
Ugly business

As first reported last week, the decade-old Limon will indeed close in Little Burgundy to make way, in all likelihood, for a new L'Gros Luxe. Limon principal Ricky Dee, Richard Drouin, a popular radio disc jockey, filed suit in 2014 against his ex-partners, Francis Dumais and Geneviève Guertin, to the tune of $270,000. Dee alleged Dumais siphoned funds from Limon to open Geppetto, a pizzeria a few doors down on Notre-Dame Ouest.

"He didn't even have the balls to explain his decision in person."

Now a new article by Le Journal de Montréal confirms just how deep Dee is in debt. The media personality/restaurateur closed Limon this past Monday, to the apparent surprise of employees. "He changed the locks and didn't say a word to anyone," reports a staff member. Another upset employee tells the newspaper that Dee "didn't even have the balls to explain his decision in person."

Photo: Ricky Dee in happier times at Limon

Dee, for his part, now blames another partner, Dominique Lafond, for his troubles: "He jumped ship in December and owes me $40,000. It doesn't seem like a lot but in the restaurant business the margin of error is narrow."


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