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Uniburger, Friday Afternoon at 1:00 p.m.

A special Eater Scenes for Burger Week. All photos by Randall Brodeur.

When Uniburger opened just over two years ago, it had to confront a challenge: replace a bygone landmark with a loyal customer base. In the face of tough odds, it has done just that, and then some. Owner Younes Bengeloune, a native of Marrakesh, made the concerted decision to keep it simple when he took over the former La Paryse in the Latin Quarter. It has proven to be a savvy move. Inspired by cult California burger chain In-N-Out, the 34-year-old business school grad took a less is more approach — a small, manageable menu and burgers made with a proprietary blend of fresh, never frozen, Canada AAA beef. This is what you get at Uniburger. Never unwieldy, the burgers come inside a potato roll with simple accoutrements and a tangy, Thousand Island-like sauce. The fries and shakes are pretty darn tasty too. It's an addictive, old school approach that somehow feels fresh in a city rife with absurdist novelty burgers.

Uniburger (CDN)

5655 Côte Des Neiges, Montreal, QC


4621 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G 1X1 (514) 419-1135 Visit Website