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What's the Story With Ludger?

Questions mount in Saint-Henri.

Outside Ludger in Saint-Henri
Outside Ludger in Saint-Henri
Randall Brodeur

The status of Ludger is up in the air. The buvette gourmande seems to be in reboot mode but particulars are hazy at the moment. The Saint-Henri restaurant was not open last weekend for brunch and tipsters hint at a management shakeup and staff walkout. Principals in the restaurant refused to comment or elaborate this past week.

Ludger was a hit with Montreal critics in 2014. Thierry Daraize called it a "petit chez-soi chez les autres" and deemed it "très bien" a year ago. "Good bet" was the verdict from Sarah Musgrave in the Gazette. And La Presse critic Marie-Claude Lortie was a fan too: "Rien de gastronomique, rien de néo-créatif. Rien de post-moderne non plus. Juste de la bonne bière, de bonnes huîtres, des bons plats. Mais surtout, surtout, une atmosphère sympathique." Fingers crossed that all is well on Notre-Dame Ouest.

Update: Ludger is open. No word yet on shuffles in management and staff, however. Stay tuned.


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