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Joe Beef's Team Talks About the State of Montreal Dining and More

"Montreal is the best place to cook in the entire fucking world, let me tell you that. That’s for sure."

Joe Beef.
Joe Beef.
Randall Brodeur

In honor of icon Joe Beef's tenth anniversary, check out this (swear-heavy) interview Marc-Olivier Frappier and co-owner David McMillan did with Munchies. They talk about their annoyance with "foodie culture," try to define Montreal cuisine, and speak to their feelings about the media. Here, an excerpt on Montreal's palate evolving over the years:

It's changed so much. The kids are fucking kings. People love to harp on hipster shit and this and that. No man, the kids are super dialed in. They're sober. They're intelligent. They're non-judgemental towards race or sexual preference. They're super open-minded when it comes to wine and food. The kids now are the best dining public ever. Joe Beef would be shit without its public.

Joe Beef

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