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Controversial New Montreal Starbucks Defaced on Opening Day

Big trouble in Little Italy.


Vandalism did not prevent a new Starbucks from serving its first Frappucino today. The windows and doors of the controversial new Jean-Talon Market Starbucks outlet were tagged with red spray paint prior to opening, reports the CBC. The attack comes in the wake of a petition against the coffeehouse behemoth signed by some 8,587 Montrealers. The petition alleged that the presence of a Starbucks was "a threat to the Little Italy landscape" and independent cafés in the area.

The opening of a Starbucks Coffee in Jean-Talon Market fundamentally denies the mission of the [Marchés Publics de Montréal] MPM, and favours a globalized economy, which is dehumanizing and polluting instead of promoting a local economy based on human scale and sustainable principles.

Nash Abdrabo, the regional director of Starbucks in Quebec, told La Presse that the company "was surprised" by the petition. "But we toured the market and we were very well received. We strongly believe in this store." Abdrado added that Starbucks "works with farmers in an ethical and humane way around the world. We offer fair wages and benefits to all employees, 80% of whom live in the neighbourhood."