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ZOMG Charles-Antoine Crête to Open Restaurant in Plaza St-Hubert

Well this is huge.

Charles-Antoine Crête at Omnivore Paris
Charles-Antoine Crête at Omnivore Paris

This just in — chef Charles-Antoine Crête, late of Toqué! and part of the cast at Majestique, will open a restaurant with partner Cheryl Johnson this summer at 6230 Saint-Hubert in Plaza St-Hubert. The restaurant, named Montréal Plaza, will lean casual. "I much prefer that a client visits us four times for an entrée and a drink than show up one time and leave with a $150 bill. It's flattering to be considered a destination restaurant for a special anniversary but it's important for us to be accessible no matter what the occasion!," avowed Crête in the official announcement today.

Montréal Plaza's menu will be composed of "60% classics and 40% specials." On the layout side look for a mix of bar spaces, tables, and banquettes. Crête's bombshell comes in the wake of Joël Robuchon's insane announcement and the superb news that Mehdi Brunet-Benkritly will open his own restaurant in Montreal soon as well. What a week. You can read Crête and Johnson's blockbuster press release here. And, bonus, exterior shot of Montréal Plaza's future home.