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Chef Simon Mathys Completes Accords Bistro, Writes Critic

Good news for the host of Tout le monde en parle and company.

Reason to smile
Reason to smile

With much fanfare last month, the dynamic trio of actress Chantal Fontaine, Guy A. Lepage (Tout le monde en parle) and Jean-Pierre Des Rosiers hired Simon Mathys as executive chef of both Accords le bistro and Accords resto bar à vin. While ostensibly a big fat coincidence, the move came weeks after a brutal review of the former by Lesley Chesterman in the Gazette. Now, mere weeks into Mathys's tenure in the Accords kitchens, Jean-Philippe Tastet has swiftly come down with his verdict on the revamped menu at the Quartier des Spectacles bistro: "Midi et soir, le chef Mathys propose de petits plats séduisants."

The entirety of Tastet's write-up in Le Devoir, with few exceptions, is similarly exuberant. The critic is a fan of Mathys's small, soigné plates: "C’est beau, c’est bon et on sort de table épanouis." Mackerel with cauliflower, sage and plum is scarfable and beef cheeks with beets elicits a "tout allait harmonieusement." Special nods to the wine list and sommelière Emmanuelle Tellier for her front-of-house excellence. Bottom line: Mathys, who won raves for his flair at Bar & Boeuf, Racines and Micro Resto La Famille, was a savvy hire.

Accords - Le bistro

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