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La Queue de Cheval Responds to Controversial Ad

Misogyny, what misogyny?

Peter Morentzos directs staff at La Queue de Cheval
Peter Morentzos directs staff at La Queue de Cheval
Randall Brodeur

When La Queue de Cheval published a photo of a half-naked female model with the tagline "How do you like your meat?," the response was swift. "What a lack of class!" and "Good luck with the boycott!" were typical comments. "Is this a steakhouse or an escort agency?" wrote one irate individual.

Now owner Peter Morentzos has released a statement to quell the backlash. Here it is, in all its glorious absurdity, unedited.

In response to our latest marketing campaign;

This was a marketing campaign we did for a charity event (Mardi Bra, for Breast Cancer) 2008 , which was party for our 10 year anniversary.

It was an effective publicity then, but it seems to be more effective now.....Wow , what a reaction!!!

The ad is meant to be exotic, beautiful and attractive to the imaginations of people that are of a mind set, that beauty is found everywhere and we at the QUEUE believe in that philosophy.

We are a steakhouse that serves carnivores and foodies, and of course....people that want to conquer the universe!!! Lol
It has a play on words and not a play on sexist remarks , or the diminishing of the most beautiful contribution by creation...a woman!!!!

I love the "hate & love" mail that we are getting, but don't take things so seriously...there are so many other problems we as people are facing!!!!!!

Cheers to everyone who remarked, and we are looking forward to a great spring-summer, and seeing you at the QUEUE.
Go habs go!!!

The nonsensical statement failed to satisfy some. "Lack of class for this type of restaurant. Very bad publicity," wrote one commenter. "Tacky! Place going down the drain anyway. Oh, and yeah, by the way, don't forget to erase my post, once again!" And this: "What a pathetic response."

La Queue de Cheval

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