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Partners List Pub Sir Joseph For $389,000

Any takers?

Inside Pub Sir Joseph
Inside Pub Sir Joseph

The English pub makeover of the short-lived Projet 67 restaurant by Federico Rivas (Chez Baptiste) is for sale. Pub Sir Joseph hit the scene in late summer 2013 as a collaborative effort between Rivas and partners like chef Martin Juneau, Louis-Philippe Breton (both of Pastaga) and Raphael Léger. The restaurant is on the market for $389,000. Realtor Sutton describes the business as "a well-known pub in the Plateau, with excellent traffic, a business figure of $872,000 and a lease that ends in September 2027."

In a 'Fair to good bet' review of Pub Sir Joseph in the Gazette in September 2013 Sarah Musgrave wrote that a "British pub should have a fighting chance on this cursed corner. This is one of those troubled addresses that needs a strong business plan, so here’s hoping this will work." Rivas, a majority partner with a roughly 50% interest, reports that Pub Sir Joseph works well indeed: "We're in no hurry to sell because the formula works and we're profitable. We've been very busy for a while now. I love Sir Joseph but my expertise is more in bars and other projects beckon!"

Juneau, himself quite busy with the likes of Pastaga, Commerce in Old Montreal and new Little Italy projects like a brick-and-mortar Monsieur Crémeux and wine boutique Cul-Sec, concurs with Rivas. "The intention, after the difficulty of Projet 67, was to eventually sell. Minimize the costs and make it profitable, which it is. We're not losing money. Federico understands that Louis and I can't be there all the time." Juneau adds that ex-Van Horne chef John Winter Russell has filled in gamely in the kitchen.

Pub Sir Joseph

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