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Now That Latke Poutine is Here Montreal Will Never Be the Same

Déli Sokołów is responsible for this.

A new look for Saint-Henri
A new look for Saint-Henri
Déli Sokołów

Déli Sokołów, a triple threat Jewish deli, diner and ice cream parlor, is now open for breakfast and lunch in Saint-Henri. Here's principal Shayne Gryn with the menu lowdown: "I can guarantee some excellent smoked meat, burgers, homemade pierogies, and our original creation, the latke poutine, for starters. Also borscht. We haven't yet added some of the eventual mainstays like matzo ball soup, kreplach, or chopped liver." Did you get that? Latke poutine. We need your take on this — participate in the poll below.

Status: Déli Sokołów, 4350 Notre-Dame Ouest, certified open for breakfast and lunch. Ice cream counter and dinner hours to come.