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Move Over Cronuts: Montreal Pastry Shop Introduces the Crocake

This could be huge.

Meet the crocake
Meet the crocake
Le Petit Trianon

With Cronut mania an ever-tenacious phenomenon in New York, a new Montreal café-cum-pastry shop wants to make a mark in the coveted croissant hybrid space. Enter the Crocake. Van Hien Do, co-owner of Le Petit Trianon, explains: "Amidst this rage over croissant hybrids, we wanted to have a few viennoiseries that were a bit different from your usual croissants, chocolatines and almond croissants. Since Yuki's bakery [the tenant prior to Le Petit Trianon] was known for cupcakes, our crocakes (croissant-cupcake) are an ode to them."

À la Dominique Ansel, pastry chef Gaiia Kim (late of Toqué!), who operates Le Petit Trianon with barista Hien Do, has a lineup of creative flavours in store. The inaugural crocake involved peanut butter cream topped with roasted peanut caramelized popcorn. Others flavours in contention include a sweet corn pastry cream with blueberry compote and a mille-feuille inspired vanilla crème legère crocake. Kim's arsenal extends beyond pastry mash-ups, as you can see.

Pastries c/o @vanhyuk wife to be. @le_petit_trianon

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Le Petit Trianon

5211 Sherbrooke O, Montreal, QC

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