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Quebec Microbrewery Makes Crab Beer Because Why Not

Incredibly, not the province's first experiment with shellfish suds.

These crabs in your beer
These crabs in your beer
TVA / Microbrasserie St-Pancrace

A microbrewery in the Côte-Nord region of Quebec recently decided to rebel from beer orthodoxy. Forget amber ale, stout, and witbier—the latest brew from Microbrasserie St-Pancrace in Baie-Comeau, some 670 km from Montreal, is a crab beer. As in crab, the crustacean, and coveted Côte-Nord delicacy. The outfit's Crâââbe Bitter comes in at 5.1% alcohol by volume with, apparently, a subtle note of crab.

The limited edition product is a co-experiment with another microbrewery with crustacean-beer mash-up experience. HopEra, a craft outfit in the town of Jonquière, Québec, made a lobster beer in 2014. One online critic noted that "it really tastes like lobster. I really didn't like that." Another commenter was more favourable: "Slight lobster bouquet. Nice effervescence and refreshing at the beginning with a little lobster taste at the finish."

Here's a photograph of St-Pancrace's brewers about to give a bucket full of crab shells a beer bath.