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M sur Masson Partners List Rosemont Restaurant for $395,000

Owners want to finance two other projects in the area.

M sur Masson

M sur Masson, a fixture in Rosemont for close to nine years, is for sale. Partners Gregory Duval, Daniel Lacombe, and Martin Mauté recently listed the restaurant for $395,000. Duval reports that the owners want to sell while the business is profitable to help finance two other restaurant projects in the area; a Neapolitan-style pizzeria, Caldo, and a steakhouse, tentatively named Standard Angus. Both are slated for the Technopôle Angus development, this summer and fall, respectively. "It's difficult to secure financing for new restaurants," says Duval. "M sur Masson is in healthy shape, we broke service records just this past weekend. I'll be sad to see my baby go but we feel like it's time to do it while conditions are good."

M sur Masson will celebrate nine years in business on May 23. The restaurant opened in 2006 to critical raves and was largely credited with the Masson commercial strip's upturn. Over the years the restaurant changed management, expanded from a snug 22-seater to a substantive space with a terrasse and 100 seats, and, infamously, contended with no-shows.

h/t ProposMontréal.

M sur Masson

2876 rue Masson, Montréal, QC H1Y 1W9 514-678-2999