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Watch as Ginormous Marché Le Richmond Takes Shape in Griffintown

The evolution will be televised.

Le Richmond

The ambitious, upscale grocer and bistro complement to Le Richmond is under construction at 333 Richmond in Griffintown. Partners Luc Laroche, Paul Soucie and Ertan Eren posted a Facebook album today of the work in progress. Photos show off the vast, industrial 6,000-square-foot retail and restaurant space. Management describes it all as a mashup of "an Italian cuisine-inspired bistro" and "a selection of nearly 2,000 products imported from Italy and local produce." A central island will serve as a prime focus, with displays of privately imported wines, cold cuts, cheeses, and an antipasti bar for sit-down or takeaway. Marché Le Richmond is expected to open by the end of the month.

Work in progress at Marché Richmond

Work in progress at Marché Le Richmond