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Cult Korean Restaurant GaNaDaRa Reopens May 19

After a round of renos.

New logo, new look
New logo, new look

Two months plus without a padak, Korean fried chicken fix must have felt like torture for Concordia student residents of New Chinatown. Well, good news. After a makeover hiatus, GaNaDaRa is back. The Korean fusion spot from Hong Sook Kim will return on Tuesday, May 19 with late, extended, student-friendly hours. The restaurant's menu strays beyond the addictive, chili-sauced fried chicken, of course, to plumb other comfort food depths (try rice cake poutine). In a 2013 Gazette review, Sarah Musgrave noted that "[s]everal menu offerings were Japanese preparations that were long ago repatriated into Korean cuisine. Like the ramyun, which sounds like ramen for a reason. We ate it straight out of the aluminum saucepan. This was real student subsistence stuff, eaten in avoidance of creating dirty dishes while standing at the stove shovelling in something from the dollar store 'food section' before heading out for the night."
h/t Chowhound.

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